We value our security and our privacy, and we expect you to do the same. More information about that is available in our 2015 Gate Policy. Every Property Owner is issued a unique four-digit gate code, and all Property Owners in good standing have the opportunity to lease/purchase remotes. Property Owners may also arrange to be issued guest codes for special events and contractors.

FCIA Twin Forks assumes no responsibility with entry/exit gates. The entry gate is set on an installation-recommended timer with more than enough time for one vehicle to pass through with no hesitation, and tailgating is highly discouraged. Drivers assume all responsibility for any and all damage that may be incurred, in which case driver will be billed by FCIA Twin Forks for full replacement costs of the gate arm.  Surveillance cameras are installed and monitored on all gates and information gathered on these devices will be provided to law enforcement as necessary. Please report damage immediately to twinforksleakey@gmail.com. We do not employ security guards, and Board Members do not act in law enforcement issues. We believe in effective neighborhood community watch and encourage neighbors to watch out for each other and dial 911 when an emergency arises. Ambulances and local law enforcement have full access to our gates at all times.

Click a link below for a PDF file you can read, save or print.

  • Click here for Gate Instructions
  • Click here for 2021 Gate Invoice

  • PET AND ROAD COURTESY: We ask that you respect other property owners by leashing (and securing said leash) your dog(s) if they are off your property. Twin Forks is a private subdivision meaning that we, the owners, maintain all our roads, water plant/wells and amenities with our yearly HOA dues and the help of volunteers. Our speed limit is 20 mph (10 mph for golf carts and ATV’s), and since our streets are not open to the public, unlicensed slow-moving vehicles such as golf carts and ATV’s may be in use (slow traffic yielding to normal traffic), as well as numerous pedestrians and bicycle riders. It is suggested that young drivers of any vehicles have their driver’s license(s) and wear helmets as a safety precaution (i.e. when on golf carts and ATV’s). Twin Forks/FCIA will accept no responsibility associated with vehicle-related accidents.

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