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A gated subdivision located on the Frio River in Real County, Leakey, Texas.
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The Frio Community Improvement Association (FCIA) Board of Directors and the Twin Forks Neighborhood would like to welcome you!

As a courtesy to you and our fellow property owners, the Home Owners Association (HOA) is providing the following information regarding our history, the care of the property, the location of certain amenities, and the expectations of our Owners.

  • Twin Forks was originally developed in the mid-Seventies and has seen an increase in building and in property sales. Developers recognized the beauty and potential of this old ranch area and sought to create a community who would continue caring for the environment and respect the tranquility and beauty of our river parks and common areas. Therefore, a set of By-Laws, Deed Restrictions and Covenants govern our association today as it was some 40 years ago. To share in the responsibility of our parks, water system, roads and other amenities, the elected five-person Board of Directors has the responsibility of adhering to the covenants and issuing yearly Home Owners Association dues. As of July ‘19, FCIA charges $165 a year per lot, billed in February and due by May 1, and to meet future needs, this amount will increase by 10% each year.
  • NOTE: Twin Forks DOES NOT allow weekend, vacation or short-term rentals.
  • The By-Laws were established by the original developers, with just a few adjustments made to accommodate the needs of a growing community. We would appreciate you acknowledging the rules, and we particularly stress the need to conform to Community Standards in order to keep Twin Forks beautiful, safe and with strong property values. Twin Forks is an unusual subdivision as it was developed over time resulting in three distinct sections: Unit 1, Unit 2, and Unit 3, each with some different requirements. New constructions, add-on or remodels, mobile and storage building move-ins (and move-outs), and driveway work all require FCIA board approval before starting construction of any kind. Failure to get board approval could result in a fine. Email us!
  • We have two very nice, well-established private parks that are accessed through keyed gates. Cathedral Park is located where the “twin” East and West Prongs “forks” of the Frio River merge, and is connected to Pioneer Park via a rocky pathway. All property along that pathway is private (the river is public), so entering such is considered trespassing against neighboring owners. Both parks are maintained by volunteers (including you), and both parks are protected by gates which we ask to remain closed and locked while you and your invited guests are enjoying the areas. Property owners are responsible for guests at all times. You will be issued one park key at no cost, please refer to enclosed fee list for other key costs. NO CAMPING, NO CAMPFIRES ALLOWED AT EITHER PARK. For the convenience of owners, a brush pile disposal is located near Pioneer Park for brush only (no non-combustibles or household garbage). NO DUMPING JUNK! Clean air matters.The HOA does not facilitate garbage pickup. Household garbage may be arranged for pickup by calling Rio Brewster Waste Management, or Knox Waste Management. Occasionally the Board opts to bring in a dumpster (for a set amount of time) placed near the brush pile to help owners keep their properties clean and tidy, we will notify Owners of such an arrangement through email and Facebook. Two electric utility companies service the Twin Forks area: Bandera Electric Co-op and American Electric Power (AEP).
  • Your Twin Forks property will always be referred to by Lot(s) number(s) when dealing with HOA issues. However, your delivery address (UPS, Fed EX, etc) is the same as your 911 address. Your 911 address was assigned in later years by Real County and the county made no correlation between our lot numbers and their assigned 911 number. You will notice that all properties have two numbers displayed for this reason. Additionally, lots with water meters will have a separate (not lot number) water account number. Yes, three different numbers. (And yes, we know this is confusing.)
  • Twin Forks is a private, gated subdivision. We value our security and our privacy, and we expect you to do the same. More information about that is available in our 2015 Gate Policy. Every property owner is issued unique gate codes and/or an opportunity to lease remotes. Twin Forks/FCIA will accept no responsibility associated with entry/exit gates. We do not employ security guards, and board members do not act in law enforcement issues. We believe in effective neighborhood community watch and encourage neighbors to watch out after each other and dial 911 when an emergency arises. Surveillance cameras are installed and monitored on the entrance gate, the exit gate, and each of our Park gates, and information gathered on these devices will be provided to law enforcement. If damage occurs to the gate, email us immediately. Current replacement estimate is $1400.00 for gate arm, parts and labor and billable to the person who damages the gate.
  • There is a Helicopter Landing Zone located near the HOA office. Our medi-vac LZ coordinates are: 29 deg 735634 N, and 99 deg 746689 W, and we recommend the AirMedCare Network with additional info available on that website. Driving or parking on the HLZ is prohibited (Note the signs in this area).
  • We ask that you respect other property owners by leashing (and securing said leash) your dog(s) if they are off your property. Twin Forks is a private subdivision meaning that we, the owners, maintain all our roads, water plant/wells and amenities with our yearly HOA dues and the help of volunteers. Our speed limit is 20 mph (10 mph for golf carts and ATV’s), and since our streets are not open to the public, unlicensed slow-moving vehicles such as golf carts and ATV’s may be in use (slow traffic yielding to normal traffic), as well as numerous pedestrians and bicycle riders. It is suggested that young drivers of any vehicles have their drivers license(s) and wear helmets as a safety precaution (ie. when on golf carts and ATV’s). Twin Forks/FCIA will accept no responsibility associated with vehicle-related accidents.
  • Twin Forks/FCIA owns and operates it’s own water plant with accountability to Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). Your property most likely is (or soon will be) equipped with a water meter, with a serial number unique to your property and also an identifying water account number. We use a highly reliable computer software program called RVS which tracks and records your water usage, billing and payments. Water bills are mailed at the end of each month and payments are due by the 15th or a $15 late fee is applied. You may pay your water bills by personal check and drop it in the HOA office door slot, mail it to the above address, OR set up bank drafts with your individual banks (include your water acct number and allow postage time). At present, a minimum monthly water bill is $29.12. Owners are responsible for all water maintenance and repairs on their property, the HOA is responsible for the maintenance of supply water lines and water meters. Please refer to Fees list for fees associated with the water department.
  • Twin Forks is involved in a sewer project funded by the Nueces River Authority which will install updated sewer lines throughout and will do away with all septic systems. At present, a timeline for completion is not available. Monthly sewer costs (approximately $50) will apply when completed (2019 or 2020).
  • A list of the FCIA Board of Directors members and phone numbers are located at the FCIA office at 259 Bud Danner. You are welcome to attend the regular monthly meetings at 9:00 am on the last Saturday of each month (expect dates to change on Holidays). The Annual Home Owners Association meeting is usually held on Labor Day Weekend Saturday at Cathedral Park.
  • Hunting, discharge of firearms and fireworks are prohibited. Our neighborhood was created to be a natural preserve for local wildlife.
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